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About us
We are a globally-based multi gaming community looking to take on mature members (21+).that are PVP foucsed and like-minded individuals. , and we are looking to expand our group with quality members. We have two rules; Honor other members and Honor our Name. We belive in freedom of Fucking speech understand that shit before joining.

You won’t be kicked for inactivity. Family or work obligations keeping you offline? No worries. We understand that a lot of people have life commitments like jobs, and family. So, we understand that you cannot always be around. We simply aim to provide a place for people to join when they are available to play.

Our member list spans the globe, so it’s likely you’ll find someone to chat or game with at nearly any time, playing all types of games. if you are interested join us on TS or discord for recruitment.


When ever possible to defeat an enemy, and honor our name. ”Anyone not us, is our enemy”


Tired of losing friends, when you burnout on the game they play?

Just to be pushed out by the game specific community admins…

At Terror the games move on, not the community..